Consolidated Health Care Services, Inc.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a service to the recovering, disabled, or chronically ill person providing treatment and/or effective functioning in the home environment. Home care is appropriate whenever assistance cannot be easily or effectively provided by a family member or friend on an ongoing basis for a short or extended period of time.

There are many situations and conditions for which home care is appropriate. Services such as catheter implementations/maintenance, wound dressing, IV injections, etc. are among the services that can be performed in the home. Recently, "hi-tech" services such as chemotherapy, TPN, and other IV therapy techniques have been recommended for home use.

Why Consolidated Health Care Services, Inc.?

We provide quality nurses, home health aides, physical, occupational, and speech therapists. We also offer nutritional guidance and medical social services to help return our clients to their maximum level of health. we offer infusion therapy in our lineup of quality home health services.

Our trained staff will work with our client's physician to develop the best plan for maintaining the continuum of care from the client's hospital stay to their eventual return to health in the home setting. Our objective is not only to provide cost effective service, but also to provide the service in the most comfortable place, the client's own home.

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