Consolidated Health Care Services, Inc.

Consolidated Health Care Services, Inc. Commitment to Providing Understanding Service

Consolidated Health Care Services is committed to providing our clients with the best possible care. Consolidated Health Care Services is a certified provider of services with Medicare and the Department of Public Health.

Individualized Medical Services
Skilled Nursing Experienced and caring Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses will provide skilled nursing care by your physicians order. The following include some of the care we provide:

Home Health Aide Home Health Aides are trained and supervised by the Registered Nurse to provide personal and health care services such as:

Physical Therapy Physical Therapists will teach and motivate the client to perform the exercises required for their recovery. The use of necessary exercise equipment will also be explained. In addition, the therapist may elect to use physical agents such as heat, massage, hot packs, and impulse therapy to help achieve maximum range of motion.

Occupational Therapy This form of therapy is an important segment in the client's total care. Occupational therapy helps improve physical and emotional well-being by acclimating the client to all the necessary basic living skills they may have lost due to illness. The therapist is in consultation with the physician and will evaluate, set goals, and initiate treatment. By involving the client's family and other concerned individuals in the program, we will accomplish a smooth transition from the hospital environment to the home and the client's family.

Speech Therapy An experienced and qualified therapist will come to evaluate, plan, and initiate a treatment program tailored to the client's needs in speech, hearing, and language problems. Teaching can be accomplished in consultation with the clients family, physician, and other allied health care team members.

Nutritional Teaching Diet is an important factor in the overall recovery. All Certified Nursing Services will ensure that strict ADA guidelines are followed when so ordered by the attending physician. After the need for a special diet has passed, nutritional teaching will focus on food that is easily prepared and reflects a healthier lifestyle.

Medical Social Services A trained Medical Social Worker will assess the effect of social and emotional factors in relation to the clients illness, treatment, and convalescence. The teaching will improve the clients ability to accept and adjust to the illness.

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